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Some client case studies

The Challenge:
Hubdoc had a team of 6 but needed support with Hubspot Ops, Salesforce IQ <> Salesforce migration and Demand Generation

We helped Hubdoc clean up and optimize Hubspot by building attribution & reporting to replace spreadsheets, rolling out a more robust lead scoring model and building out funnel reporting with Hubspot Lifecycle Stages, Date Stamps, and creating a process for offline data uploads. We also supported the team with training and coaching around Hubspot, and helped them to migrate off Salesforce IQ to Salesforce and building part of  the Salesforce <> Hubspot architecture.Hubdoc has a strong SEO and organic reach, so we designed and executed Facebook Ad Campaigns to generate MQL's in with a lower CPL then other traditional channels like Content Syndication & designed sophisticated Facebook campaigns to engage & re-market to existing prospects.
The Challenge:
Flexday was launching in Toronto and worked with 42 Agency to build and execute a launch strategy. They needed to gain traction in the market, roll out Intercom / Hubspot, and find a scalable cost-effective marketing channel.

The Solution/ Strategy:
We worked with the Flexday team to find a scalable Facebook Ads format and to get new signups using app install ads. With the help from their dev team, we used the Facebook SDK to attribute app events and signups for Facebook campaigns for attribution and tracking.We helped build brand awareness and interest for new neighbourhood launches using native Facebook lead forms to capture new signups and sync them with Hubspot for an email campaign. These emails were sequenced around key events and also provided real customer feedback on potential locations to the Expansion team.For new location launches, we used sponsored Facebook Events to create network effects within Facebook's social graph and drive in-person attendance for new location launches.42 helped roll out Intercom & Hubspot to provide the team an easy medium for on-going customer communication.

The Challenge
Solink had a marketing team of 4 but needed support with Hubspot Operational support (Sales/Marketing) and Demand Generation Strategy

Solution / Strategy
On kick off, we helped Solink move all landing pages to Hubspot for closed loop reporting and rolled out Hubspot Campaigns for multi-touch attribution.Solink has a healthy demand gen from outbound and tradeshows, however with Hubspot's default Original Source tracking, they were all being lumped together under Offline Sources which means the reporting was showing Offline Sources but not 'what does it mean.' So we added a Lead Source tracking process for online and offline sources, standardizing UTM parameter conventions and resolved some technical issues.In terms of paid demand generation channels, we worked on Adwords/Capterra and Facebook, building a healthy mix of marketing channels - however Facebook has been the best performing by far.
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