Cin7 x 42/Agency

Limited demand generation and lead nurturing Inefficient marketing spending on lead generation Too many tools
Consolidated lead sources
Added full-lifecycle marketing
Consolidated tech stack
Cost of acquisition reduced by 30%
CPC spend reduced by $1,800 a week
Consolidated lead sources from 200 to 6
Implemented demand generation and ABM

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Helping Cin7 build the foundations for long term success

““42 Agency helped us turn into a highly efficient, data-driven marketing machine.” -Doug LaBahn, CMO, Cin7

Change was in the air at Cin7. After a decade of operations, the pioneering inventory management software company had just been acquired by private equity firm Rubicon Technology Partners. They had a new CEO, David Leach, and a new Chief Marketing Officer, Doug LaBahn, and had just completed the first stage of an ambitious expansion into the lucrative North American market.

It was the perfect opportunity to make sure existing systems, processes and strategy were fit for purpose, and to create a strong foundation for the future. 42 Agency teamed up with GG Marketing to make this happen.

The process

42 Agency and GG Marketing engaged with Cin7 by: 

1)                Setting targets together with the Cin7 Senior Leadership Team

2)                Auditing current systems

3)                Identifying “quick wins” and quickly implementing changes to achieve them

4)                Focusing on long term foundation-building


The goal was to give Cin7 the right tools, the right staff members and the ability to operate at the right cadence to deliver on their ambitious, post-acquisition goals.

Quick wins

The first move was to find some “quick wins” to immediately add value. They did this by taking charge of Adwords and Capterra advertising, and optimising both.

The first quick win was significantly reducing click fraud. This cut CPC spend by $1,800 a week

- without impacting lead generation.

Lead consolidation

Cin7 was getting leads from more than 200 sources — but not all of these lead sources delivered enough value to justify their cost. 42 Agency and GG Marketing audited Cin7’s lead sources, and identified which sources were driving the most value.

The result was a consolidation of 200 lead sources down to just six. This sharply increased ROI, as well as representing a significant overhead reduction in the time spent managing lead sources, and making reporting much more streamlined.


“Our cost per MQL (marketing qualified lead) has been lowered by 30 percent. We haven't spent more, but we've been generating more leads and more demand." -DougLaBahn, CMO, Cin7

Diversified marketing

One of the biggest sources of leads for Cin7 was SEM. This delivered results, but at a significant cost. SEM leads would land on the Cin7 website, but if they didn’t convert, they would be discarded.

42 Agency built a machine to nurture leads that did not convert immediately, by running retargeting ads on Facebook and Linkedin.

They also added more channels: social media ads, plus organic strategies such as SEO optimisation.

Finally, they built and implemented an account-based marketing (ABM) process, which developed custom marketing material for specific, high-value potential new customers. This approach immediately created 7 opportunities.

These measures combined increased lead volume while reducing cost of acquisition.


Tech stack

In order to succeed in the new environment, Cin7 needed the right marketing software, and the right people. These two things were related, because the decisions around marketing software would influence the hiring decisions.

The existing tech stack was in a similar situation to the 200 lead sources: many different tools, not all of which were regularly used, some with overlapping purposes, and not all connected. This was not conducive to a strong foundation. Hiring and onboarding would be time consuming, as newcomers learned the different tools.

So 42 Agency and GG Marketing consolidated the tech stack, implementing software like Pardot, but also eliminating unneeded or redundant software. The result was a much more lean, connected marketing tech stack.

This delivered further benefits down the line, as hiring became easier. Rather than hire a generalist, then teach them a variety of different tools, the Cin7 team could hire a specialist in just a couple of the existing tools - then teach them the other tools. This meant the Cin7 marketing team could hire quickly and move fast, with a seamless onboarding process.


“I think we're able to translate those customer insights into go to market strategies and ad campaigns that resonate. And we're able to experiment and continue to refine our approach, so that improves over time." -DougLaBahn, CMO, Cin7

Tools for future success

The engagement wasn’t just about implementing. It was about giving Cin7’s team tools for future success. To do this , they stayed remotely embedded with the team, gradually reducing their presence while creating documentation, such as a demand generation playbook. This gave the Cin7 team the ability to continue the work that 42 Agency had started, without having to fully rely on external consultants..

42Agency also actively participated in the hiring process. This gave Cin7 the assurance that they were hiring people who could use the tools and processes that 42 Agency put together.

“I think of Kamil and his team as less of alight switch, and more of a dimmer - we just turned them down slowly until we could take the reins, and we’ll turn them back up as we need to in the future.-Doug LaBahn, CMO, Cin7
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