Knak x 42/Agency

Poor lead -> Underperforming Pipeline conversion
SEM was not generating enough quality leads. 
Minimal demand generation in place. 
Improved SEM
Created and implemented demand generation strategy
Created ABM strategy
1.5x revenue
3x qualified pipeline

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The problem: scaling sustainably

““You can spend a lot of money buying garbage leads. 42 helped us scale with quality leads.”  - Pierre Hage, Chief Marketing Officer, Knak

Knak is an email creation platform for enterprise marketing teams. Competing in a crowded space, with big revenue targets to hit, they needed to scale their marketing in a smart, sustainable way. They needed qualified leads that would predictably convert into revenue. 

Knak was starting from a good position: a significant portion of their leads were coming from organic & direct . However, the overall volume wasn’t high enough to meet their ambitious targets. They needed to add high-quality leads from other channels .

They hired 42 Agency to work with their team to build the systems and processes they needed to create a predictable and scalable demand generation & ABM engine 42 used a phased approach, starting with SEM improvements, then moving to an sophisticated demand generation approach, then adding ABM strategies. This “crawl, walk, run” approach helped to create a solid strategy to enable Knak’s long-term growth.

SEM and demand generation - a staged approach

The approach had three stages:

First: an audit of existing practices. This was partly a look at the keywords Knak was targeting and the relative success of those keywords. But it was about auditing the existing systems and practices. What happened to leads once they clicked an ad? Did they see more ads after they clicked one ad? What communication did they receive from Knak after they enetered the pipeline? The answers to these questions helped to form the demand generation strategy.

On top of this, 42 Agency worked with the team to get tracking up and running in Marketo - this provided rich data on what was working and what wasn’t. 

Second: Scale up Paid Ads . In Knak’s case, this was a matter of dropping low-performing keywords and focusing budget on higher-performing keywords. This instantly gave Knak better bang for their buck in their SEM spend - to the tune of a 35% reduction in cost per lead generated.

Third: Add more sophisticated demand generation. This included:

This approach helped Knak scale up the top end of their sales funnel - they obtained higher quality leads from a wider range of channels . They also had the tools and practices to nurture each lead and make it more likely to turn into a paying customer. This had a direct impact on Knak’s pipeline - the value of pipeline generated increasedby a factor of 3x. 

An ABM strategy

The next contributor to Knak’s pipeline was an ABM strategy to facilitate outbound campaigns. Kamil started from a “lite” version, then refined the approach over time. 

“The approach was to look at existing leads and customers, then ask ‘how can we find more of these people’?” said Pierre. They targeted certain personas and verticals, then built the resources the sales team would need to reach out. 

42 Agency built a detailed ABM road map for how Knak could identify prospects, then engage with them through avenues such as video content and Linkedin campaigns. They also gave suggestions around what tech to implement to make this process work as effectively as possible - in this case, products like LeadFeeder and ListelLoop.

Everything was integrated into Salesforce, so reps had full visibility across each target account’s level of engagement. This allowed them to focus their energy on the more-engaged accounts, who were more likely to convert. 

They provided tactical suggestions, such as building assets like dedicated landing pages for each executive. Again, this helped to achieve the overall outcome of better-qualified, more valuable opportunities in the pipeline - not to mention more effective use of each sales rep’s time. 

Why 42?

42 was a strategic partner who could take Knak’s ideas, then add extra insight to give them the best possible chance at success. 

This included: 

These additional strategic insights helped make the difference between just executing on ideas, and helping to create the best possible approach.  

“You can spend a lot of money buying garbage leads,” said Pierre. “42 helped us scale with quality leads.” 

The future

Pierre recommends 42 to any business looking to scale. When 42 engaged with Knak, they had a small team of generalists - but did not have the resources to hire full-time strategists in areas like demand generation and SEM. 

42 filled those gaps and helped to propel Knak forward. “We’re working with a full-service agency now,” says Pierre, “but we couldn’t have got here without Kamil and his team.” 

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