42 Agency provides managed Demand Generation & Revenue Operations.

We help B2B SaaS Cos Strategy / Advisory / Implementation shop

Some of the high growth companies we've worked with:

Paid Acqusition & Marketing Operations (Hubspot/Salesforce)
Paid Acquisition
Account Based Marketing (Hubspot/Salesforce/Sendoso)
Demand Generation / Marketing Ops (Marketo/Intercom)
Account Based Marketing (Pardot/Listenloop/Paid Social)

What do we do?
  • Demand Generation: Building a comprehensive demand generation strategy with a combination of channels, systems, and processes.
  • Revenue Operations: Marketing & Sales Operations: More than a Marketing Automation or CRM implementation. We help you setup the right systems, data models, and processes, and coach the team on best practices. We are technology agnostic.
  • Technology Implementation such as Hubspot/ Marketo/ Salesforce/ Pardot/ Sendoso/ Alyce/ Outreach/ Salesloft. We provide training, integrations & best practices.
  • Account Based Marketing: Reach the right audience. We help you put together a comprehensive ABM plan for your market, including support with ICP, processes, channels and strategies tailored for your market.

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What are some things we can tackle together?
A handful of examples
  • Tackle revenue attribition in your Salesforce/Hubspot/Marketo/Pardot
  • Review your Campaigns in Adwords/Facebook to ensure its setup for success & all the tracking & structure is in place.
  • Review your Marketing/Sales Ops processes & design a new lead handoff process b/w marketing & sales