We run demand generation, ABM & marketing ops for high growth B2B SaaS Companies

We work help SaaS companies to lay the foundational pieces to scale their marketing. This can be Performance Marketing, Marketing Operations/Marketing Automation, CRM Implementations or  Growth Strategy.
Every company is different, there is no one size fits all approach. But for us to be a good fit together, you must be willing to invest in laying the foundational pieces and get them working. If you have an internal marketing team who can lead up the execution & support with internal resources & budget.

We can help train and support them & upskill them.

What we are not is a full service agency. Nothing against full service agencies, they’ve done well for themselves and continue to do great things. We just believe the future of marketing lies in technology enabled teams. We believe in doing a handful of things and doing them well. We believe in relentless focus and execution.

The name is from The HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy.

"42/ owns our Marketing operations - he executes all our ABM campaigns, looks after the marketing/sales solutions achitecture and systems. He's diligent and accountable. Quite a senior guy with the head on right. One thing I would point out - through his engagements with multiple customers, Kamil @ 42 has gained a really powerful understanding of best practices, - technology mix. processes and campaigns, - so I always lean on him for input when working on our campaigns." 

What we are best at
Demand Generation
Building a comprehensive demand generation strategy with a combination of channels, systems, and processes.
Marketing Operations
More than a Marketing Automation or CRM implementation. We help you setup the right systems, data models, and processes, and coach the team on best practices. We are technology agnostic.
Sales Operations
Establish the right SLAs, assigment rules & followup processes for your leads. Create a smooth hand off b/w AE's & BDRs/SDRs & more.
Just bought a new tool? Or not sure which tool is right for you? We can help you pick & implement the right marketing / sales tool & guide the adoption & onboarding.
Account Based Marketing
Reach the right audience. We help you put together a comprehensive ABM plan for your market, including support with ICP, processes, channels and strategies tailored for your market.
Workshops (Coming soon)
Upskill & train your existing team on the new marketing tech & strategies. Launching in late 2020 but send us an email for early access.
Partner with us to build a predictable revenue pipeline.